Monday Already?

There is something about Summer that always makes time seem to fly by for me. It started when I was in school back in Texas. All through my High School years, I was a lifeguard at one or another swimming pool on Carswell Air Force Base on the West side of Fort Worth. Being a lifeguard seemed like the perfect career at the time. I'd walk around the pool in flip-flops and a bathing suit, sometimes lounging in the big chair, quietly flirting with the girls and soaking up more sun than seemed possible. During each "Adult Swim" break, I'd show off my 3-meter board skills, then pad into the bar for a tall cold limeade and finally saunter back to the pool feeling like I was King of the world. Then,

Heroic Promotions

I try to stay away from descriptors like heroic because far too many people use that word when it's not really warranted. (Caitlin Jenner heroic? Brave yeah, absolutely...but heroic is a stretch.) This is ONE example of a promotion that achieves heroic status in my mind. But rather than have me tell you the story, I'm going to have PD and Imaging god (with a little "g") Marc Summers from WILN/Panama City – Island106 tell you about it. If you don't get a little choked up at some point, you need to just hang it up and turn in your human creds. On Saturday, June 21st, 8:37A, Mandy Williamson (from CHUBBS & MANDY in the MORNING) faced her biggest fear to show support and raise money for baby Kyl

American As Smørrebrød

I don't mind saying that I am letting the cat out of the bag (at least a bitty kitty) when I say my father's ancestors came from Denmark. Most of you have something similar going on, whether it's Irish, Japanese, Spanish, Kenyan, Brazilian or Lebanese. If you live in America though, we're all American. That's one of the things that makes this country unique and strong. Five generations ago, my dad's family emigrated from Denmark, searching for a place they could practice their religion in peace. Down through the years, the patriarchs of each generation did something wildly different to support the family, from riding shotgun on a Wells Fargo stagecoach to Dentistry to being an Aircraft Comma

My Favorite Restaurant

No, this is not a foodie blog, although I have become a bit of a foodie myself lately. I just wanted to tell you about my favorite dining establishment here in Manhattan, called Karma. It's a bit unusual in that there are no menus. You get what you deserve. Ha! See what I did there? I know there are probably hundreds, well...maybe tens...OK at least 2 people out there who would love to have my job. I’ve been gainfully employed, doing something I really love at the world’s best, and arguably biggest radio station for over 28 years now. According to my doctor, I hit the jackpot with 10,000 to one odds on my cancer surgery a few years ago. Then there's the fact that my wife actually agreed to m

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