It's That Time Again

Every broadcaster knows this time of year well. With young folks complaining, school districts public service announcing and parents rejoicing, you know it’s back to school time. I figure it’s a really good time to give some veteran’s advice to broadcasting wannabes about the choices they are facing as they move into the higher grades and especially to college. Chances are your parents know next to nothing about what you need to follow a career in broadcasting, and likewise for your counselors at school. They’ve all been indoctrinated with the idea that you need a college degree to succeed in life. I’m not going to say they are wrong exactly, but I do think they have a skewed view of what i

Hot Rockin' VO

​ Every couple of months or so, I sign with a new radio station as their voice guy. They send their copy, generally asking for the “Z100 read”…I voice and post it for download…and invariably get an email questioning my sanity. It’s too harsh. It’s too brittle. It’s always too something. Yup, yup and yup. It’s all that, and it’s the “Z100 read.” On Z100 I push my voice though a 400Hz Hi-Pass filter and then compress the living heck out of it. The waveform is almost completely flattened by clipping and is thus, the audiophile’s worst nightmare. Most of the time, the local producer will then ask for the tracks “in the clear,” without any processing. OK. I’m pretty easy going as voiceover guys g

The Importance of Communications

One would think that being in the communications business, we would be better at communications. What I'm talking about are the kind we tend to ignore within the walls of our own radio stations, much to our detriment. A few months ago, Z100's longtime PD, Sharon Dastur (left) was pulled up the corporate ladder, and replaced by Mark Medina (right with Carly Rae Jepsen), most recently from the iHeartMedia Washington, DC cluster. Of course, just like every other position in every other field, each manager comes with his or her own set of skills. Mark's include a huge dose of "out-of-the-box...what-box?" ideas. If there were a "creativity" meter, his would probably be too high to measure. Plus,

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