Thanksgiving, Irish Style

Well, I am once again back in the U-S of A, land of the free, home of the brave and the country that celebrates an annual food orgy we call Thanksgiving. Many cultures have something similar. Those cheeky Canadians even call their big day the same thing on the second Monday of October. To be fair, folks in the Great White North started celebrating theirs nearly 50 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, so props for being original. The Chinese have the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, Koreans have Chuseok, Ghana celebrates the Humowo Festival, Israel has the Feast of the Tabernacle (celebrated by Jews around the world) and Liberians have their own T

Z100 Remembered

This is gonna be short and sweet, mainly because I am jamming to get ready for what is turning into my annual Thanksgiving trip to Ireland to appear with The Roy Foley Show's "Naked Breakfast." With my BIG announcement last week, have come hundreds of emails, phone I was going to edit it a little, only because it's not all my work, but it's all a part of the history of this station, so I've decided to leave it intact. Several of the first few pieces were produced by the late JR Nelson. You'll also hear a lot of different voices, from Boom to Joe Kelly, Ernie Anderson to Mitch Craig, Keith Eubanks to some dufus named Dave Foxx. Also, special thanks to CJ Wilson for the image above, the Z100 l

Dave Foxx Resigns!

When I got up, I turned it on and listened to the station again to hear a guy I knew well, Scott Shannon. Scott had been my PD at WPGC in Washington, DC a few years before and had covered more than a few shifts himself while there, so I figured I pretty much knew his schtick. I was wrong. As I sat down to room service, it really cranked up with an extended talk break with two, no three,, make that four, wait...five other people? Some guy named Ross Britain, a woman named Claire Stevens, another guy with the unlikely name of Professor Jonathan B. Bell were all there with Scott and someone they called Mister Leonard. It all seemed so wildly random and confusing at first. I kept waiti

What Keeps Me Up At Night

When I was first coming up in the radio business, I would scoff at some of the old-timers bemoaning how radio had changed and things would never be as great they used to be. An early mentor of mine was Walt Soper, a sound engineer for CBS Radio. He worked in an era when radio worked a lot like television does today. All of the prime time programming came from New York. The network honchos decided what the public wanted/needed and the local station just played it, whatever "it" was. This was the era of The Green Hornet and The Shadow, Gunsmoke and Amos & Andy. A guy named Arthur Godfrey was on the air, coast to coast, every weekday morning. By the time Walt and I met, he would lament that the

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