The Message Is The Medium

This will be my last blog of 2018. The week between Christmas and New Years Day is my one week of broadcast exile, when I don’t even think about radio, announcing or production. During the year, my weekends are pretty much my own and now that I’m no longer grinding production for Z100 or WKTU in New York, my average workday is light. Enough so that I typically don’t take time off during the year from the VO business or my writing. I just throw my trusty MacBook Pro and an RE-22 in my backpack when we travel. A couple of short sessions each day in my hotel room or ship cabin and my clients get what they need with little or no interruption. Indeed, several clients have told me they didn’t even

Radio Is Dead…again

I’ve been following a discussion on one of the Facebook radio boards that I find quite hilarious, though at the same time very sad. One ‘side’ on this thread believes consultants are a valuable part of a station’s makeup, while the other ‘side’ complains that consultants are ruining radio by convincing management that to compete with Spotify or any of the music providers, radio has to become more like those providers. As you might guess, I fall into the latter group. Sorta. Don’t get me wrong. Programming gurus have their place in the radio hierarchy, and I know a few really amazing people in that line. The amazing ones, few though they are, understand the big picture and do NOT tell owne

Rude Is NOT My Middle Name…

For YEARS at Z100, I had a reputation for being a grumpy old man, long before I even got old enough to be considered an old man. The grumpy part was absolutely true though. There were, over the years, several AEs I never met because they had been warned by others, “Don’t go in there unless you want your head chewed off.” It wasn’t until I’d been at the job for several years that I discovered how much fun the whole radio station was outside my studio doors. OK, maybe I’m laying it on a little thick, but I’m making a point. The first several years I worked there, I was constantly crushed by the workload and hadn’t figured out how to manage my time. I really was pretty grumpy and I missed out

Getting The Most From Your VO

Every now and then, as a voice-over artist, I get that dreaded phone call from my agent, saying that station XXXX no longer requires my services. Usually, I react with an urbane “I understand,” even though there have been times when I really didn’t. What I’ve often wanted to say is, “What? Are you NUTS? They’re taking a pass on the best voice in the business?” Of course, while I might think so, clearly I might be wrong. Usually, the reason for severance is about a change in format or a re-tooling of the station imaging. Many times a new PD has come on board and he/she has someone else who has done a great job for them at their previous station. They want to bring that VO talent onto the ne

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