From Counting Crows To Count Chocula

For years I've been extolling the virtues of piano lessons for young radio producers. Understanding the technical aspects of music is critical to crafting perfect promos and commercials. While there are some producers out there who don't have a background in music, I would bet big bucks that they have to work harder, sometimes a LOT harder to achieve the rhythm and flow that a musically trained producer seems to do almost automatically. What I intend to do here is teach you the most rudimentary part about music and show you how it all fits together. Hopefully, understanding this one thing about music will truly improve your production. Have you ever been to a vinyl-playing club or dance wher

The Incredible Shrinking Planet

Dear American Radio Producers: There was a time, not so long ago; that our brothers and sisters in broadcasting overseas, looked to the U.S. for inspiration and even set working in an American market as a professional goal. European, African and Asian broadcasters have taken what used to be state-run, mostly bland, sometimes pure propaganda machines and turned them into real commercial juggernauts. The days of “Pirate” radio stations beaming their signals from the rooftops of homes in Amsterdam, basements in Moscow and from ships in the Baltic are done. Now, radio has evolved far beyond that in countries as diverse as Kenya, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Many of the radio stations I’v

A Lack Of Planning

I used to have a poster like this hanging in my studio, but I discovered that it just irritated sales I have written a lot about time-management over the years because it is through time management that I hold onto my sanity. Back in the day, when I first transitioned from being on the air to working in production, my day would normally start sometime between 10am and noon. That was also when I started to put on the pounds because I'd never get home for dinner until 7:30 or 8 o'clock at night. (Late-night dinners seem to really pack on the weight for me.) My girlish figure was the least of my concerns though. I had no social life. I had no time to fill my well and I know that my work suffere

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