Saying Farewell To Z100

It's kind of funny to me that after my last blog about Late-For-Work Radio, I would post this bit of audio. I'm really not sure how compelling it is, but it means the world to me. First that Elvis would ask me to be on his show and second, that the love in the room was almost palpable. Bethany, Danielle, Skeery, Brody, Froggy, Nate and Elvis all said some things about me that frankly, choke me up. I hope it's all true. I know the feelings are absolutely mutual. Sam Coppolino was kind enough to make sure it was recorded. I also want to add thanks to EVERYONE at Z100, past and present, for making my professional life so full and rewarding. It's been one hell of a ride. HERE is the air-check.

Late-For-Work Radio

The response to my leaving the employ of Z100 has been a little surprising to me. The sheer volume of nearly universally positive comments has been stunning. I've heard from literally hundreds of people I have come in contact with over 28+ years in New York and even more from people I've never met or even spoken with before. Some in the latter category are people I have known of and respected through their work, but for one reason or another, we had just never met. One person kind enough to drop a personal note was a guy I've been corresponding with for a few years, John Kayes who is with BBC Radio Scotland. I mention his note here because he said something I think is very profound about the

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