Squeezing Your Sound

For the last thirty years, I have been asked questions on one topic at least once a month, sometimes a few times a week: Compression. What its it? How does it work? How do I control it? Do I need more or less? My response is generally dependent on the context, because in truth, compression is a LOT of different things, but they’re all based on one concept. The word itself means “press together,” usually to attempt keeping the same amount of something in a smaller space, like 10-pounds of doggy-do in a 5-pound bag. When you press a big tub of grapes together with (hopefully clean) feet, the result is a fine Bordeaux or Chablis. When you compress the left button on your mouse, you computer wi

Landing The Big Job

For more than two decades, I have been explaining to anyone who would listen, “How to get my gig.” Jerry Vigil can tell you, I’ve devoted more than a few column inches to the topic in RAP Magazine. I’ve given four major lectures on three continents with that topic alone. As of this morning, the post at Z100/New York remains vacant. It’s certainly not for a lack of applicants. I’ve been told the list is long and deep. Several people have asked me to listen to their demo, offer advice and are hopeful that I will make a recommendation on their behalf. Clearly, they haven’t been listening. First of all, my influence over the decision makers is only slightly higher than none, in fact I am fully c

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