Don’t Be A Tool

As a producer of organized noise, you have a big toolbox, filled with implements like copy, voice, music, sound effects, humor, drama, prose, poetry, volume, mass and innuendo. (Innuendo is not an Italian suppository.) I think it’s time we double-check music and while we’re at it, check comedy. (Based on the above, I think I’m a quart low.) Earlier this month, I wrote a blog called The Zen Of Production in which I suggested that producers put music down first and have talent read to the music. Almost immediately, I received a DM suggesting that this was bad advice. Having the reading match the music might make for a better-sounding spot, but not necessarily a better-selling one. IMHO it make

The Zen of Production

I never talk about politics or religion with people I don’t know. It’s a rule in life that I follow, well – religiously. But I figure most of you who are reading this, are pretty much cut from the same cloth as me, so I’m breaking that rule this month to talk about the first tenet of the Holy Church of the Workstation. Don’t worry, we don’t take collections and you’ll never hear a sermon filled with fire and brimstone. Uh, make that almost never. ​​The weary traveler asks the wise guru on the mountaintop, “How do you know you’re done with a piece of production?” The wise old man turns his head to the east and replies, “If you are prepared, you will know when you are there.” I’m the guy as

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