Who Says You Can Never Go Home?

I grew up (sort of) as a goat-ropin', tea-sippin', Dallas Cowboys fan, complete with Tony Lama boots and a Stetson Hat, on the shores of Lake Worth on the West side of Fort Worth, Texas. How I never got involved in Country radio until a few years ago is truly a mystery. If I had, I might've been sitting in this guys chair at 96.3 KSCS/Dallas. Meet local boy who grew up in Fort Worth, done good, Randall Wright. He is the talented craftsman behind the imaging you'll hear on both 96.3 KSCS and (KPLX 99.5) The Wolf, all over the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Like a lot of the Country Radio producers I work with, Randall brings a Top 40 sensibility to the format, keeping it all pumped up with ener

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