Cultivating Good Radio Copy

I just googled “Writing Radio Copy” and was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to see so many posts that are full of absolutely stupid ‘rules’ and methods. I almost choked on my Diet Dew when I saw, “You must mention the client’s name at least three times.” I wanted to shoot myself when I read, “Some of the most irritating ads are also some of the most effective ads.” These so-called ‘experts’ were handing out the worst kinds of advice on writing I’ve ever seen. With one exception, these articles all outlined what I would call the exact wrong way to write for radio, offering the kind of guidelines that will lead to cliché-ridden radio clutter that almost guarantees your audience will tune out. The

A New Superhero

One of my all-time favorite actors, Denzel Washington did a movie two years ago called The Equalizer. The premise of the film, which was based on a TV show of the same name from the late 1980s, features Denzel as an everyday joe, who is a little eccentric and has a dark past. He’s actually a retired spy from the CIA with a sense of justice and fair play that pushes him into helping people in desperate situations. The TV show used a slightly different approach but both the series and the movie pitted a fearless, trained operative against bullies of the worst kind to level the playing field for the victims. To me, this is the absolutely BEST kind of drama. Like Seven Samurais and The Magnifice

Parallel Compression

I get email from producers around the world every day with questions about ‘how to’ or ‘when should I,’ fill-in-the-blank. A couple of weeks ago, one of those emails inspired a blog post about compression. Today I got a great follow-up question from Mario about PARALLEL compression. In my reply I told him that he was the first ever to ask me about parallel compression and decided immediately that I needed to blog about it today. It’s a valuable tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you get production materials from diverse sources. About now, some of you are wondering what the hell parallel compression is and why you hadn’t heard of it before. The reason is, it’s something most often u

Ramble On

Sometimes I grow so tired, but I know I've got one thing I got to do... Ramble On, And now's the time, the time is now, to sing my song. – Ramble On by Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page, Robert Plant With thanks to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant for inspiration, ‘my song’ is this blog and the ‘one thing I got to do’ is get it written and posted. Since I left the Big Apple for ATX, I’ve been doing more production on a daily basis than I ever did at Z100 and KTU combined. One of my BBBs (best broadcast buddies) has a syndicated show that is undergoing a name change and facelift soon. Over the last few weeks I’ve been redoing ALL of the production that has been done for this show over the course of 4 years.

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