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My Favorite Restaurant

No, this is not a foodie blog, although I have become a bit of a foodie myself lately. I just wanted to tell you about my favorite dining establishment here in Manhattan, called Karma. It's a bit unusual in that there are no menus. You get what you deserve.

Ha! See what I did there?

I know there are probably hundreds, well...maybe tens...OK at least 2 people out there who would love to have my job. I’ve been gainfully employed, doing something I really love at the world’s best, and arguably biggest radio station for over 28 years now. According to my doctor, I hit the jackpot with 10,000 to one odds on my cancer surgery a few years ago. Then there's the fact that my wife actually agreed to marry me, in spite of that little arrest thingie back in Virginia. I know that I am an extremely lucky guy, for a LOT of reasons, but I figure my chances of ever winning the lottery now have pretty much dropped to zero because my Karma has been flooded on the positive side. So I feel an absolute need to pass along at least a small piece of my good fortune. Since this is a blog for radio production, I’ll confine my advice to that area. (Besides, I still haven’t figured out why my wife said yes.)

Passing along some of my production karma has become one of my driving urges for the last several years and aside from writing my RAP column, running a few interns ragged and giving free advice to anyone who asks, I'm not really sure what else I can do, except maybe create and maintain this blog for radio producers.

On these pages, I hope to explain why I do the things I do (beyond the paycheck, I mean), pass along some tech tips, maybe even review some gear or software and offer some constructive criticism to anyone who asks for it. I'm really not into being critical of people or institutions unless my opinion is requested first. Once a request is made however, I won't sugarcoat or try to make anyone feel good about something that clearly is not. That would be a gigantic waste of everybody's time.

I am also hopeful that I can convince a few people to actually tell their own stories on these pages. I will invite a bunch of people who are doing work that I really appreciate to share some production with a few words about it; perhaps even a bit of a self-critique. My hope would be that the work and words would be inspiring to others. I have someone in mind for next week's blog, so hopefully he'll say yes, because I found what he's been doing lately to be particularly good.

Look for fresh Foxx spoor every Monday morning, as my goal is to have each blog pop on the weekend. Until then, enjoy the site. Poke around and see what you can see, maybe drop a line. I designed the entire site myself and I am sure there are numerous mistakes you can tell me about. LOL

While you're here, check out the award winning film I worked on in the Videos pages. My contribution was on the small side in post production, but it is a stunning film about women freedom fighters in Northern Africa. Pop up some popcorn and settle in for 30 minutes of Natasnat.

Until next good. If you can't be good...have fun!

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