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Monday Already?

There is something about Summer that always makes time seem to fly by for me. It started when I was in school back in Texas. All through my High School years, I was a lifeguard at one or another swimming pool on Carswell Air Force Base on the West side of Fort Worth. Being a lifeguard seemed like the perfect career at the time. I'd walk around the pool in flip-flops and a bathing suit, sometimes lounging in the big chair, quietly flirting with the girls and soaking up more sun than seemed possible. During each "Adult Swim" break, I'd show off my 3-meter board skills, then pad into the bar for a tall cold limeade and finally saunter back to the pool feeling like I was King of the world. Then, I would blink my eyes and I was back in school, wondering how it all flew by so fast.

In 2015, life is even better in some ways. I lounge around my studio, rapping out a few VO sessions, perhaps a promo or a pod of sweepers, then wander down the hall to tell a few jokes to Wendy Wild (mid-days at 103-5 KTU), Chris (Lite-FM PD) and his assistant Jill, Anita (our receptionist) and finally David Brody (Elvis Duran stunt brain/producer). Then I might sit down and write a weekend promo, saunter over to Tataki for some spicy tuna for lunch and finally bounce and load the promo I worked on that morning, like I am King of the world.

I just blinked my eyes and realized that it's almost August! WTH?

Unlike my High School days though, I have something to show for my time besides a killer tan. I have my own widgets I can show off to my family and friends, pointing them out as things I did this week to help my stations succeed.

This week I had two really cool promotions for my two stations here in NYC. Joe D'Angelis came up with a great 1D promotion that included giving away a new Honda (for the 1D Honda Civic Tour), with tickets to the 1D show as the qualifying prize. Robbie Richardson brought Madonna to the table for KTU, including a stay at the Borgata in Atlantic City for every ticket winner.

While I did write both of these promos, I have to admit they practically wrote themselves. Once written, I sent them off to Vanessa James (for KTU) and Kelly Kelly Kelly and Mark Medina (for Z100), added my own voice to the Z100 version and started cutting. You can hear them both HERE.

That's just a small part of how I spent my week, and I feel really good about it. I hope your week was fun like mine. Maybe your week even flew by at supersonic speed like mine.

Just remember that time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like bananas.

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