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I get questions twice a week or more about how I do some production stunt like beatmixing, vocal processing, smoothing time compression/expansion and the like. I also get more cerebral queries about the radio business, branding, marketing and how advertising works. My answers often take the form of online tutorials. I will be posting more of them over the next few weeks, so feel free to come on back and check 'em out.

How Do You...

Creative Well

I re-created my presentation at Radio Days Berlin 2013 for this video, adding a few things that I missed in the show. (I also left a few of the German references I made.) The idea for this is simple: Creativity is NOT something you're born with, it's something you learn. You can cultivate creativity and even make it grow.


This video was based on a presentation I did at Le Radio Paris in 2012. It answers some basic questions about the meaning of the word branding in a broadcast context and gives several examples of successful branding in the corporate world. Finally, I wrap things up with some practical radio solutions.


Many of these tutorials are going to be very ProTools oriented as that is my system of choice. Naturally, I'm not really sure if the features I demonstrate are available in Audition or MOTU/Vegas. I made this one to answer a particular query from a producer in Australia. I hope you find it helpful.

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