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Radio Production Hero - Roger King

Radio Production has changed so very much over the last 10 years with all the corporate downsizing, the growth of "for hire" production houses and certainly the technology continues to evolve almost daily. The one thing that hasn't really changed much is the value of truly gifted and inspiring producers (even in those "for-hire" houses). With that in mind, I have decided to highlight a producer that I have the privilege of working with each month. The energy and creativity of my little cadre of producers is a constant inspiration to me and I just want to tell the world how magnificent they are.

First up is the man, the legend...Roger King! Denver's 106.7/KBPI is one of my absolute favorite radio stations to read for because the copy is always irreverent, funny, clear and concise. Once Roger has the track, he creates such an easygoing feel with the music (even when it's Avenged Sevenfold, or Slipknot) that the read floats like a cork on water. Add in the effects and extra dialogue and each piece becomes a mini-masterpiece of image production.The straight-ahead rock pieces for concerts or car shows never make a mis-step with mangled verbiage or using outdated phrasing/messaging. My favorite sessions are the ones where I can't stop laughing at what I'm saying long enough to get the words out in my super-macho promo read. I know the humor he uses is mostly his as each week we exchange the latest jokes which, has become a real highlight of my weekly voiceover chores.

Like every really masterful producer I've known, Roger does all of that because he is really well grounded in life.

He loves dogs which is a good thing because his wife, Deb Nabb is a dog behaviorist (kinda like a dog-whisperer), which means he's usually surrounded by their dogs and quite possibly some client dogs. He is involved in community and family, which makes his work as a producer ring with authenticity. Roger is clearly one of those people who is comfortable in his own skin and surroundings.

So, I would be remiss if I didn't give you some examples of what Roger does. HERE are a dozen pieces, some old and some new, I think you'll enjoy.

If you know Roger, give him a shout. If you DON'T know Roger, give him a shout. He's one of the best and most definitely someone worth having in your network.

~Dave Foxx

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